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Social responsibility in everyday actions

Participate in the benefits of a responsible model

How many projects have we wanted to contribute to but didn't?

Supporting a project, a mission, an activity is often experienced as a sacrifice or put in second place to vital expenses

But what if today it cost you nothing?

What if it were even convenient?

 Buy a GoodBox

Do you want to support a project? Do you need basic food products? You can achieve both goals in one fell swoop and become part of the world's most innovative community! Let's turn an ordinary gesture into an extraordinary experience!

We reward those who participate!

Become part of a community that comes alive with solidarity and gains strength with gratitude, demonstrated concretely through CASHBACK. If we share the benefits of a gesture, our community becomes the megaphone of a beautiful experience.



Only you can make this possible


Do you have a dream to achieve?

Public entities

We participate and help where it is needed


Create an opportunity also for your followers

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Partnership between those who care about sustainability

Solidarity rewards!

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The practical tool for supporting projects that makes you experience gratitude for helping us