Do you really want to be part of something you believe in?

    Eat GOOD food!


      How many projects we would have liked to contribute to but didn't have the capacity to do so?

      Supporting a project, a mission, an activity is often experienced as a sacrifice or overshadowed by vital expenses.

      But what if it doesn't cost you anything today?

      What if it is even convenient?

      Eat quality food,

      spending 130 euros that you would have spent anyway, you support the development of a project. Here's what you get as the community of supporters grows and when you you have purchased 


      40  Euro

      • CASH BACK

      20 supporters

      40  Euro

      • CASH BACK

      84 supporters

      50  Euro 

      • CASH BACK

      340 supporters

      120  Euro    

      • COUPON*

      1364 supporters

      750  Euro    

      • COUPON*

      * To collect the last two prizes you must have shared the opportunity to help by buying food with at least 4 friends. 

      Practice SOLIDARITY

         What could be easier than participating through a simple gesture like shopping for food?   

      So take part to support the initiative you are interested in, we have selected products that you would certainly have to buy in order to make your contribution "free".

      Enjoy the GRATITUDE

      By purchasing the GoodBox to help a project you are generating value that will be shared. 

      Those who participate will have one more reason to tell their experience and make a good deed contagious.

      To benefit from the profit-sharing generated, you are not required to make anything other than the first and only purchase.

      The prizes will depend on the number of supporters of the project.


      Track effective funding

      Thanks to the CharityWall platform, we track the payments we make to funded projects on the blockchain. This allows you to check that your contribution actually went towards the goal.