In action to do our best, always!!!

Together we support food-producing SMEs in promoting and selling their products.

We help communities with shared interests to find funds for projects.

We express gratitude in a concrete form to consumers to generate happiness and optimism.

We foster and enhance a healthy consensus, made up of concrete actions that distribute benefits to all who participate.

We are professionals who go through life with the aim of creating value.

We are concrete and practical, driven by enthusiasm and the desire to continue learning and improving. 

We are attentive observers who use the experience of the best to interpret and experience everyday life. 

We love technology and know how to seize its advantages with the conviction that we can share them.

We love those who create, innovate, dream and get involved. 

We love intelligent, free and honest relationships... and we love to smile at life. 


...studies on life satisfaction and meaning of life are in fact unanimous in identifying three fundamental springs for our happiness.

Material stability - Which gives us certainty and security. Our life must be economically sustainable and therefore also our spending profile;

Generativity -The more we contribute to the good and happiness of others, the happier we are;

Participation - As the famous gift economist James Andreoni teaches us with the concept of the warm glow, it is one thing to contribute to the well-being of others without lifting a finger, for example by doing one's duty and paying taxes, and quite another to contribute by directly participating with one's own effort and commitment.

The new model of consumption that moves with the rules of solidarity and gratitude satisfies all three of these springs and also overcomes the problem of price competition.