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Fondazione Telethon

It is one of Italy's leading charities. For 30 years it has been involved in scientific research for the treatment of rare genetic diseases, diseases which, because of their rarity, are often forgotten and for which there is still no treatment. 

Thanks to the generosity of many Italians, Telethon finances the best research projects and applies state-of-the-art biomedical techniques in its institutes TIGEM in Pozzuoli and SR-Tiget in Milan. 

The foundation's mission is to find a cure, give reliable diagnoses and improve the lives of those affected by these diseases.  

Per maggiori informazioni: www.telethon.it

PROJECT     13,5K




In Italy more than 500,000 people, adults and children, are affected by incurable and/or chronic diseases and need palliative care. However, only 1 in 4 has the possibility to access it.

VIDAS guarantees complete assistance free of charge to people with incurable illnesses, at home and in our Casa VIDAS and Casa Sollievo Bimbi facilities, in inpatient and day hospice care. This assistance is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our own teams of social and health workers and volunteers, who also provide support to the patients' families during the care and in the difficult phase of grieving.


Every day, with its multidisciplinary teams, Vidas assists more than 215 incurable patients and their families free of charge, guaranteeing competent and loving care in their homes.

Home is in fact the preferred pathway for palliative care so that the patient, whatever their age, can continue to live in their own environment, surrounded by the affection of their family, without being deprived of care.

The work of our healthcare professionals is facilitated by an electronic file in which all the patient's clinical information is recorded: a unique shared tool that allows data to be shared in real time, ensuring continuity of care. Through a special kit comprising a tablet (with mobile data user and case), a printer, a bag and a smartphone, continuous contact is maintained between the members of the multidisciplinary team, making it possible to put "the patient at the centre". The kit also simplifies the compilation of access-related documentation and reports, thus increasing the quantity and quality of time the operator can devote to the patient.

The support of the Sbeem community will enable us to provide new kits for operators, addressing the growing need for home care due to the Covid-19 emergency: by reaching €13,500 we could buy 7 new kits.

Per maggiori informazioni: https://www.vidas.it/con-la-goodbox-di-sbeem-sostieni-lassistenza-domiciliare/

PROJECT     13,5K


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Nuovo Giornale Nazionale

Help us upgrade our information tools

Nuovo Giornale Nazionale promotes freedom of information and communication, not conditioned by partisan interests, in order to guarantee real knowledge and awareness among Italian citizens.

By purchasing the GoodBox, you will give financial support to information tools by increasing areas of in-depth coverage such as geopolitics and investigative journalism.

Help us achieve these goals together with Sbeem with a simple gesture like shopping.

Per maggiori informazioni: https://www.nuovogiornalenazionale.com



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Master Film Academy Acting School

 Help us to develop our young actors

Many talented aspiring actors fail to achieve their goal of acting professionally because most of the time they fail to get noticed by agents or casting directors.

The Master Film Academy wants to organise a film teaser to give a real opportunity to some of the school's young students to get noticed by film productions, who are willing to invest in the total production of the film.

Let's help them realise their dream by buying food and one day we will be able to say: I helped that actor realise his dream!

Per maggiori informazioni: www.masterfilmacademy.it



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Lautari. A cost-free community for people with addiction problems

 Help us support the journey of our young people.

Lautari founded in 1992 is a therapeutic community specialising in the detoxification and rehabilitation of people addicted to alcohol and drugs. Our intervention has a humanistic imprint, a propensity to focus the therapeutic path on the centrality of the person as a necessary condition for improving the quality of life.

The stay in the facility is completely free of charge and currently accommodates around 160 people. In the community, the children also have the opportunity to learn a trade.

Help us meet the costs of offering vocational courses in carpentry for 10 young people: for 40 euros a day, for 3 months, we could teach them how to plane, square, cut, glue and mill wood.

Per maggiori informazioni: www.lautari.it



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Yacht Club Porto Rotondo. Vela x Tutti

Help us realise the Hansa 303 Paralympic Class Project

Reintegration and rehabilitation from marginalisation in the territory of young people with social or cognitive disadvantages aimed at fostering an increase in self-esteem and awareness of their own possibilities through participation in group activities.

The desire of the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo and the Municipality of Olbia to break down barriers in order to allow the practice of sailing are the founding principles behind the creation of the Vela per Tutti project.

The choice of boats, of the Y.C.P.R. sports structure, using innovative financial architecture and sensitive to social issues, fit well into a high-profile ecosystem such as La Marina and the Borgo di Porto Rotondo.

Per maggiori informazioni: www.ycpr.it



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#Roadolfo " Con el mundo a tus pies"

Carrying gratitude around the world

This is the goal of Rodolfo, a Spanish boy who found the strength to turn his life around by making a courageous gesture. In a SBEEM he took his bicycle and started to travel around the world.

He offers love and help to anyone who visits him. His message is clear: difficulties are opportunities to transform and improve ourselves.

Let's join together to support Rodolfo on his round-the-world trip. Follow him on Sbeem's social networks and on his personal profile.

Sbeem, the first fair market that creates good emotions.

Per maggiori informazioni: @roadolfo_cycle

PROJECT     6,8K


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Books for All

Help us make libraries accessible to blind and visually impaired people.

One of the missions of Spazio Solidale is to make culture accessible to all.

We believe that culture can create wealth: knowledge, spiritual wealth, but also economic wealth. However, in many Italian libraries there are no aids to make the texts accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

Our association, active in the fight against poverty, in the construction of processes of mutualism, solidarity and training, intends, in each city in which it is present (to date 27 cities in Italy), to provide a library with a scanner equipped with an enlarger, to make the texts accessible to people with visual disabilities.

To do this, we need 6,000 Euro per library. So our aim is to use Sbeem's fantastic project to embark on this wonderful adventure!

Per maggiori informazioni:

PROJECT     6,0K


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Società Agricola Antichi Grani

Help us realise our dream

Ours is a young and innovative multifunctional agriculture project born in 2017 in the beautiful Umbrian countryside of Narni. It spreads over an area of 7 hectares among century-old olive trees, aromatic plants and small seasonal vegetable gardens; at the centre is a large farmhouse dating back to the 1800s from where the entire project comes to life. 

Since the beginning of our activity, we have been involved in developing new experimental crops, producing quality food products and products for personal well-being. Today we are trying to open our doors to the public by embracing the field of "slow" and sustainable tourism. With the creation of Agriturismo Antichi Grani we want to create a place surrounded by nature and agricultural life that promotes the ethics of tourism and good food "from the field to the table"; a place for accommodation but also a centre for the development of new ideas related to the world of agriculture.

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/antichigrani/



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Antonella Santuccione Chada

Thanks to our first Ambassador we were able to test our business model successfully.

Our team thanks Dr Santuccione Chada with a feeling of deep gratitude.

For more details