Support a project and participate in a community of interest

How many projects did we want to contribute to but have not done so?

Supporting a project, a mission, an activity is often experienced as a sacrifice or overshadowed by vital expenses.

But what if it doesn't cost you anything today?

What if it is even convenient?

We all share 2 simple characteristics:

1 - We feed ourselves and buy a basket of basic foodstuffs in a supermarket every week;

2 - We unite socially in interest groups: sporting, professional, cultural, humanitarian etc. 

Our conclusion is simple:

If the leader of a community of people sharing an interest turns to them and proposes that they all carry out a project together, asking them to buy the same products only once and at the same price in the supermarket, they would find a simple and cheap consensus of solidarity.

If the same people were then rewarded, as the community grows, with the return of the price paid as a gesture of gratitude, the community's joy and approval would be even greater and more contagious.

What seems like a dream is now a reality!

Let's join forces to realise the projects we believe in, let's share the pleasure and benefits of solidarity and gratitude!